Around the World
Our planet is huge, incomprehensible and endless. She keeps in herself so many exciting stories and unsolved secrets. Since ancient times, mankind has sought to explore and learn about it.
They invented bicycles, built ships, created cars and airplanes so that people could travel. Discover new cities and countries, learn new cultures and languages. In our time, everything has become available and possible to us. We live in a world where traveling around the world is no longer a fairy tale but an accessible reality for any person.
Around the World - Die Sand Malerei Show Promo Video
History Around the World, for 20 minutes will immerse you in a fantastic world of travel to different countries, such as; France, Germany, India, Egypt, Italy, etc. The main character succumbed to the call of her heart, fulfilled her dream, discovered the amazing world of wanderings, traveled half of the world and at the end of this journey, she found the most important thing - her love. This story is inspiring, because happiness is where our dreams come true.
Gustav Klimt
A beautiful and touching story in the sand for 15 minutes, two outstanding people who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and the owner of the Viennese fashion house and couturier Emilia Flöge. She was the closest person to the great artist for over 20 years.

According to research, it is she who is depicted together with the artist on the famous canvas "The Kiss". And it was her that the artist wanted to see in the last minutes of his life.
Gustav Klimt - Die Sand Malerei Show
Star Way
The sand animation show «Star Way» will tell you about people who were not afraid to go their own way. Despite the obstacles and judgements, they did not give up their dream, they were not afraid to show the world their uniqueness and stay true to themselves. And exactly for that they were rewarded with a worldwide love and fame, that will be passed from generation to generation for many years to come.

The road to stardom is never easy, but always exciting, impressive and affecting!
I invite you to enjoy the created sand masterpiece with the participation of our beloved famous stars and get inspired for your personal achievements.
Star Way - Die Sand Malerei Show
Christmas is one of the most awaited magical holidays of the year. It evokes in each of us the feeling of living through a fascinating period, of believing in miracles and that all our wishes come true, of smelling mandarins, of watching over and over our favorite Christmas movies, and of never stop dreaming.

In dedication to this wonderful holiday, I created the sand show « The Christmas story» to let you dive into the stunning fairy tale and a magical journey from the times of Jesus’ birth to the present day. Let’s keep the festive mood and enjoy each moment of this marvelous holiday!
Merry Christmas - Die Sand Malerei Show